Building a Website is easy but being seen by your customers takes talent.

We see it all the time, people will build a website but not put enough thought or do not know the essential elements of a website to get the maximum effect to suit your business needs.

ATA Web Design work with you directly to build a website that is seen by your target market when and where it matters most.



You may have an existing website that is out of date or will not work with Google’s algorithms.
How old is you website?
How quickly does it load the contents?
Is it Keyworded and well written to siut SEO?
Where do you rank when you search different search terms?



There are many questions you need to ask or we need to ask to ensure you get the maximum benefit for your dollar. Ideally we want your website to rank organically. We do this with Local SEO Search Engine Optimisation.



We dont want to just build you or sell you a website. We want to help your business thrive with an effective online presence that will attract your customers.

Our Mission is for you to have the Support, Knowledge and Power to succeed in business.

Getting your online presence with an ATA Web Site is easy, we complete the whole process for you while you focus on other matters.


We design, add great content and provide user friendly websites, created specifically for your business. We do not charge extra for updates and completing essential changes to your website.

You decide what other important additions you would like to promote your business further.

Google and the Internet continue to change quickly and we will keep you and your website updated with current trends and optimization for the benefit of your business. What worked yesterday may not work today.

As a part of our great service if you require any content or media changes to your website we will complete them for free as long as you provide details/images etc that require changing.

We understand every business has different needs. We will work with you to create a package to suit you and your business needs.